My name is Samantha and I'm 19 years old. This is a multi-fandom blog, predominantly Superwholock, but contains various others. I love reading, writing, singing and acting.




my mom bought this thing for my neck and it’s called “Happy Neck”


i’m happy



so apparently people talk to their pets in baby voices, but when i see my cat i’m just like ‘hey brad’ and he’s like ‘meow’ and the conversation is over.

I don’t know why but for some reason the fact that your cat’s name is brad is hilarious to me


I’m in the living room and I could hear my mom on the phone down in the basement trying to fix something in the vent. So naturally I went over to the vent and went "OOOoooOOOHHHhhhh DeBORaHH!!!!! ThhIIISSSsss Issss YouRR CONSCIENCEEEEE!!!! ConFEsSS TO thAT MURDER YooouUU CooMMiTtEEDDdd in 1983!!!!"

and all I heard back was

I’m gonna have to call you back. My kids being a fucking idiot again.”




Remember when there was a 7 mile spanking machine on spongebob and no one said anything about it ever


image bring me the booty

This show is the reason I am what I am today

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Has anyone else noticed that the less material there is on a piece of women’s clothing, the more expensive it is? Like, how…